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Here Are the States That Americans Are Fleeing the Fastest—and Why>

The pandemic hasn’t stopped fed-up Americans from fleeing colder, more expensive parts of the country and moving to warmer, cheaper locales.

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‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Reveals 5 Easy Ways To Rock Midcentury Modern Style

Fixer to FabulousHGTV

Midcentury modern style is still all the rage these days, which may explain why the latest episode of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” has Dave and Jenny Marrs creating a midcentury masterpiece for their clients.

In “An Old Rancher Gets a Chef-Inspired Face-Lift,” Jenny and Dave help Jessica and Levi Rush update their Rodgers, AR, home, which was built by Jessica’s grandparents in 1964.

Levi and Jessica want to keep the property’s classic charm and preserve Jessica’s family memories, but they also want it to feel more modern.

So, Jenny and Dave use their $130,000 budget to give this house a makeover that will both highlight its vintage feel and bring the space into the 21st century.

Read on to discover Dave and Jenny’s clever upgrades, so you can borrow some of them for your own home, too.

1. Both black and white paint can modernize old brick

Jenny and Dave Marrs updated this house by painting it white.


Right away, Jenny and Dave notice that this house has a lot of exposed brick—all over the home’s exterior, as well as on the fireplace in the living room.

While brick can be a design feature, Levi and Jessica want it to look more modern, and traditional brick doesn’t fit the vibe they’re going for.

With new black paint, this fireplace suddenly looks modern.


So, Jenny decides to paint the exterior white, to brighten up the property and make it look more modern.

“We painted this exterior brick a really crisp, bright white, to give it this midcentury feel,” Jenny explains.

For the fireplace, though, Jenny goes for a darker, moodier look, and paints it black.

In the end, both of these painted brick features give off completely different vibes, which work with the midcentury style that Jessica and Levi love. It just goes to show how a fresh coat of paint (no matter the color) can give old brick a fresh look.

2. A fence adds style and privacy to a porch

This fence adds dimension and style to the front of the house.


After painting the exterior, Jenny and Dave take it to the next level, by adding a horizontal slatted wall.

Jenny decides to add this because it will give the front yard some fun, midcentury style—but she knows that it will also come with other perks.

“It also provides privacy,” Jenny says of the fence. “And they can enjoy this space, and it could feel like a little enclosed courtyard.”

When the fence is finished, Levi and Jessica are excited to use the sitting area out front—basically a fresh take on the front porch.

3. Use the right wood tones in a kitchen

Levi Rush, a professional chef, wants a better kitchen for cooking at home.


When Jenny and Dave first see Jessica and Levi’s kitchen, they’re not impressed. The space is tight, and the style is dated, which is a shame, because Levi is a professional chef and deserves a decent kitchen.

Dave and Jenny give this space a complete makeover, opening up a wall, installing steel shelves, and replacing the cabinets. Then they replace the old cabinets with a more modern wood tone.

With new counters and cabinets, this kitchen is a chef’s dream.


“That walnut look is really perfect for midcentury modern style,” Jenny says of the cabinet selection. “It’ll be durable, and the kitchen is going to be the showstopper.”

Jenny proves right when she and Dave reveal the stunning new kitchen. It features a smart blend of materials and an open layout, which Levi loves.

4. Use wood panels to hide a secret door

Jenny and Dave came up with an ingenious way to hide the garage door.


One thing Jessica and Levi really want out of this renovation is a door that goes from the living room to the garage. As it is, they’re forced to go out and around to the back door to get into the garage, which is not convenient.

However, Jenny and Dave know that adding a door to the living room wall will throw off the balance of the fireplace, making the whole space look uneven.

Now, Jessica and Levi have easy access to their garage.


So, Jenny comes up with a clever idea for hiding Jessica and Levi’s new door inside a midcentury accent wall.

Dave cuts out a spot for a door, then paints the wall black. The team then adds strips of vertical wood across the wall, covering the door and making it almost invisible.

Dave explains that the secret is matching up the pieces of wood so that they look as though they still fit together.

“We took each board, numbered the boards, so the grain—everything on each board—matched perfectly,” Dave says.

5. A concrete deck is more modern than a wooden one

Before: This deck looked nice, but it was dated.


Jessica and Levi have a lovely back deck, but it’s a little dated. Jessica tells Dave and Jenny that there’s a concrete slab underneath, and that she’d rather use that slab to create an outdoor living space.

However, when Dave pulls up the wood deck, he realizes that the concrete slab is damaged. This means they’ll have to pour a new slab, and while this will cost more money, Jenny knows that a new slab will mean more design flexibility.

“Because we don’t have to stay within the current footprint, I can do a really cool concrete design back here,” Jenny says. “We can do some outdoor seating, and then an outdoor fireplace.”

Jenny designs a beautiful backyard oasis, and when the space is finished, it’s much more spacious and looks great.

After: This backyard space is much more elegant.


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Our Fixer-Upper Homebuying Journey with the Renovation Husbands

David and Stephen St. Russell of the Renovation Husbands on Instagram share their first and second-time homebuying experiences and how they got started transforming fixer-upper homes.

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The ABCs of Multifamily Cash Flow

You hear the term all the time. After all, it’s an essential concept for apartment investors because it not only reflects the viability of your investment but also its value. 

But what really is cash flow? How do you compute it, and more importantly, how can you increase the cash flow of your multifamily property?

Cash flow is simply the money that moves in and out of your business. For apartments, the cash coming in is in the form of rent, and the cash flowing out is in the form of expenditures like property taxes and utilities. 

Cash flow – or lack of it — is one of the primary reasons businesses, or real estate investments,  fail. Without sufficient cash flow, you’ll run out of money. That’s why it’s essential that you have sufficient capital to not only purchase an apartment property but also sustain it in the event that cash flow fails to be what you projected – for example, if units turn over more often than you expect or rents decline. 

Here are some ways you can improve the cash flow of your apartment investment:

  • Increase rents. This is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to improve cash flow. Consider repositioning the property – investing some capital to improve the units and then bumping rents.
  • Reduce utility costs. Fix leaky shower heads and faucets, which waste water. Install energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures. 
  • Decrease expenses. Renegotiate your property management contract, or put it out to bid at the end of the term. Use free rental property listing sites rather than paying a broker to rent apartments.
  • Encourage residents to stay. Moveouts are expensive, so when tenants renew their leases you’ll save time and money on prepping the unit.
  • Add additional streams of revenue, such as pet deposits and rent, garage rentals, vending machines or valet trash. 

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‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Reveals One Simple Upgrade You’ll Love Every Morning

Fixer to FabulousHGTV

Dave and Jenny Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous” have done countless renovations over the years, but the pressure is on when they’re tasked with fixing up a home owned by none other than Jenny’s parents.

In the Season 2 episode “A Life-Changing Renovation,” Jenny and Dave help Jenny’s parents, Joan and Steve Smith, renovate their new house in Rodgers, AR, not too far from the Marrs’ farm. Dave and Jenny hope to give this property the cozy feel of a grandparents’ home along with a more modern vibe.

Read on to find out how they make this house feel both classic and contemporary, and get some ideas for how to make over any family home, even your own.

Not all bricks are created equal

This ’90s house had some dated stone accents.


Steve and Joan love their new house, but they agree that the style is a little dated. On the exterior, the home has some stone accents that may have been popular when the home was built in 1994, but just look tired now.

So Jenny and Dave decide to replace the stone with some brick, which they know will give the house a fresh, modern style without looking too stark.

brick exterior
This brick makes the space look more updated.


However, Jenny tells Dave that they can’t use just any old bricks on the house.

“I don’t want just a red clay brick that is mass-produced,” Jenny says. “I want to use a vintage brick that’s come off of an old building.”

She ends up finding old, light-colored brick that looks kind of worn. This brick, when used on the porch steps and house skirt, gives the home a rustic look.


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In the end, it’s clear that Jenny’s careful selection pays off. She proves that getting just the right color and style is imperative.

Use an eyelid to add character to a doorway

Jenny and Dave Marrs want to upgrade this entryway.


Joan and Steve are excited to get rid of the dated stone on the home’s exterior, but they also want to make some structural changes to their front entrance. So Jenny and Dave take out the dated walkway and build out a porch, then they focus their attention on the doorway.

This eyelid adds some personality to the front of the house.


“We were able to get them this beautiful double door, and it has an arch top,” Jenny says, “so adding an eyebrow arch to the front of the house, it’ll mirror the door, and it’ll tie it together and look beautiful and welcoming.”

They use cedar, which matches the new siding, to create a curved structure that will go right above the porch steps. The extra detail matches the elegant front doors, just as Jenny expected, and it brings some character to the front of the house.

It’s a small feature, but it makes a big impact.

Simplify a stone fireplace for a more modern look

This dated fireplace looked dark and heavy in this space.


Unfortunately, the inside of Joan and Steve’s house is just as dated as the outside. The space is like a ’90s time capsule, and the dated stone fireplace doesn’t help.

“The stone followed us inside,” Steve says of the gray stonework.

This simpler fireplace brightens the living room.


Jenny and Dave know they’ll need to update this fireplace if they’re going to make the space feel more modern, so they remove the stone and simplify the feature. With a smooth white face, a wood mantel, and a small spot to store wood next to the firebox, the new, smaller fireplace looks much more modern.

Can’t knock down a kitchen wall? Create a coffee station

coffee station
Jenny knows her dad will love this coffee station.


Joan and Steve’s kitchen is dated, so Jenny and Dave make a plan to completely redo the space, putting in new appliances, installing new cabinetry, and even knocking down a wall to open it up. However, once renovation begins, they realize that they can’t take down the wall.

Thinking fast, Jenny and Dave make the best of the situation by using this extra space to put in a coffee bar. Jenny says her parents always start the day with coffee, so a coffee bar is the perfect consolation for the slightly more closed-off floor plan, and one renovation they’ll appreciate every morning when they wake up!

“At first I was really upset ’cause we couldn’t take out this post,” Jenny tells her parents when the house is finished, “but I think it worked out for the best because we could give you the coffee bar.”

Turn a dining room wall into wine storage

dining space
This was just a blank wall, but Jenny had a great idea to make it a feature.


With a beautiful coffee bar in the kitchen, Dave and Jenny are inspired to create a space for Steve and Joan’s other favorite beverage: wine.

They get to work installing some wine storage on one wall of the dining room, giving this otherwise empty space a fun feature while also providing storage for Joan and Steve’s wine collection. It a great blend of fun and function.

When Jenny and Dave are finally able to show off the wine rack, Dave admits that there’s one small problem: It’s much bigger than expected.

“When I built it I didn’t realize that it holds, like, 600 bottles,” Dave says. We guess his in-laws will have to work on building their collection!

wine storage
Jenny knew that her parents would love somewhere to keep bottles of wine.


When the renovation is complete, Dave and Jenny are able to present the Smiths with a one-of-a-kind house that’s made with love. It’s a great blend of modern and classic, making it the perfect spot for two fun grandparents to live out their retirement.

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4 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home During Cold Months

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s a good idea to start winter-proofing your home to protect it from cold weather damage that you may not expect.

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8 Fire Safety Tips 8 Nights of Hanukkah

If you and your family celebrate Hanukkah, this week will involve lighting the menorah. But in all the holiday fun, it’s easy to forget that having an open flame in your home is always cause for greater safety measures. Here are some tips for a safer holiday.

  1. Place your menorah on a sturdy, non-flammable surface: Your menorah, especially when lit, should rest on a stable fixture in your home. You and your family’s guests may accidentally bump into a wobbly table and knock it over. Non-flammable surfaces like glass, metal, or marble work best.
  2. Keep the menorah and matches out of children’s reach: Make sure that your menorah is positioned in a place where your children can enjoy it, but is out of their reach so they don’t hurt themselves. Be sure to store all matches and lighters safely after each candle lighting; kids may find them if left out.
  3. Never leave a lit menorah unattended: All the excitement of the holidays can sometimes lead to carelessness. When burning, the menorah should always be under some sort of supervision.
  4. Place menorah out of reach of pets: Furry friends are eager to join in on the holiday festivities. They could be drawn to the new object in your home and want to investigate, so keep it at a height where they can’t get their paws on it.
  5. Use only non-flammable menorahs: This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s worth reiterating. Any ornamental menorahs made by your kids in arts and crafts should be admired, but not used in your Hanukkah ceremony.
  6. Don’t walk around with lit candles: Choose the area of your home where your menorah will be lit, then keep it there. Don’t carry your menorah from room to room to avoid potentially dropping it.
  7. Decorate with care: The area surrounding your menorah often receives extra decorations. That is absolutely fine, as long the adornments are non-flammable and not likely to tip over and displace the menorah.
  8. Place your menorah in a secluded area of your home: You’re already going to put your menorah out of reach of children and pets, but it’s equally important to keep the menorah out of your home’s general flow of traffic to avoid accidentally knocking it over.


Following these helpful fire safety tips will ensure that you and your family have a pleasant and safe Hanukkah celebration.

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